The teaching team includes the Instructor in charge of the lessons, demonstrations and coordination of the entire team; the Senior Assistant, who teaches, supervises and serves both students and team; Supervisors are responsible to facilitate supervision sessions on clinical cases; Providers are authorized to give the required sessions in training; finally, the Junior Assistants are in learning process. The whole team provides a safe environment, containment, smooth and clear boundaries in order to create the best conditions for the teaching process, always at the service of students.


Fuensanta Muñoz de la Cruz

Fuensanta Muñoz de la Cruz

A pioneer of the Somatic Experiencing training organization. The first class started in 2013 and finished in 2015 and is Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Cordoba in 1987 is Rolfing® therapist since 1990.

In 1994 he participated in a workshop in Corfu of SOMATIC EXPERIENCING with Peter Levine (also rolfer). As a result of her interest in this workshop, she started to organize Rolfing & Trauma workshops with Lael Keen, Instructor of both Rolfing and Somatic Experiencing, coming out the organization of the first course of Somatic Experiencing in Spain.

She has organized workshops and training in Spain since 2010.

Currently he devotes his professional activity Rolfing and Somatic Experiencing, along with teaching and organizing intros an trainings.


Pedro Prado

Pedro Prado

Pedro Prado, PhD, (Sao Paulo, Brazil) graduated in clinical psychology. He worked as clinical psychologist and also taught  as professor of Somatic Psychology in the University.

He has been an Advanced Rolfing and Rolf Movement Instructor for the Rolf Institute. In 2000, the Brazilian Association of Rolfers brought Peter Levine, also a Rolfer, to Brazil where he began teaching the Brazilian community. Here Pedro was deepening the investigation into the somatic dimension of the psyche. He incorporated SE into his practice and in 2005 get Instructor for The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI).

In 2006 Pedro completed his doctorate in Psychosomatics.

Pedro’s special contributions to teaching have been around awareness of the psychobiological perspectives of therapy, and the movement and behavioral dimensions of the work.

Russell Ira Jones

Russell Ira Jones

After meeting Peter Levine in 1998, he started to study  Somatic Experiencing and completed his SE training in Brazil where he founded The Brazilian Trauma
Association with Lael Keen and other SE pioneers. He teaches Somatic Experiencing in Brazil and the United States and currently maintains and operates a training center for SE and mind-body connection in the Brazilian rainforest.

Lael Katherine Keen

Lael Katherine Keen

Lael Katherine Keen is an SE practitioner and has been teaching Somatic Experiencing for the Foundation for Human Enrichment since 1998. She is a founding member of the Brazilian Trauma Association and a senior member of the Brazilian faculty board.

She is also a certified advanced Rolfer® and Rolfing® Movement Practitioner and part of the teaching staff of the Rolf Institute. Since 1994 she has taught Rolfing and Rolf Movement in the United States and Brazil.

Lael Katherine Keen

Doris Rothbauer

Comenzó a entrenarse con Peter Levine en 1998 y tiene más de 20 años de experiencia en la práctica clínica. Actualmente trabaja en distintos países como formadora, y es miembro del equipo de profesores de la SETI que imparte cursos de SE en Alemania y otros países europeos.

Psicoterapeuta especializada en el enfoque corporal, la Programación Neurolinguística y la Hipnosis Ericksoniana, entre otros. Su postura personal y profesional se basa en la práctica de la meditación y la conciencia.

Senior Asistant / Supervisor / Provider

Giselle Genillard

Giselle Genillard

Giselle Genillard, founder and director of “SOS INTERNATIONALE”, is a Licensed Midwife, a member of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP), a Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Practitioner, Rolfer,  Instructor and founding Secretary of the Board of EASE, the European Association for Somatic Experiencing.

Giselle brought Peter Levine’s (“Waking the Tiger”) SE trainings to England and France where she teaches workshops related to traumatic stress. Giselle specializes in working with PTSD in early childhood disorders, adolescents, combat and high-stress situations, and international disasters.

Her work is focused on bringing forth the transformation that can emerge when trauma is solved, and the myriad associated benefits to self, society, and the world at large.

Paula Mattoli

Paula Mattoli

Paola Mattoli comes from the area of Semiotics and the Arts.
He studied Somatic Experiencing® with Peter Levine, Visceral Manipulation with Liz Gaggini, Craniosacral Therapy at the Milne Institute and Matrixworks (group dynamics) with Mukara Meredith,
She has been a rolfer since 1995 and a Rolfing teacher since 2005. Along the way he has done his Rolfing® studies with: Robert Schleip, Lael Keen, Pedro Prado, Monica Caspari, Vivien Jaye, Hubert Godard, Jan Sultan, Jeff Maitland, Tessy Brungardt and Sally Klemm.
He is currently deepening his studies in the Psychobiological dimension of Rolfing®, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders) and psychology of psychomotor development.


Paula Mattoli

Nina Hutchins


Carlos López Obrero Carmona

Brendan Mckiernan

Fuensanta Muñoz

Fuensanta Muñoz de la Cruz

Dolors Molina

Dolors Molina

Jos Javier Calvo Luis

José Javier Calvo Luis

Junior Providers

Andrea Häberlin

Laura Gómez Guío

Xabier García Clemente

Alicia Breva

Anita Ogilvie

Bárbara Jiménez Douglas

Miryam Cubiles

Nora Uranga Celaya

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