The Principles of Somatic Experiencing.
For the first time in Spanish, Peter Levine explains the bases of SE

Product description:

In this Webinar, Dr. Peter Levine is interviewed by Pedro Prado (Instructor of SE Training in Spain). For three hours, Peter Levine shares in a personal and pleasant way, the principles of Somatic Experiencing, through a presentation and videos of real cases that he has treated in his practice.

In the Webinar there is also a practical exercise of regulation of the nervous system, through breathing, so that participants can experience it in their own bodies.

The attendees presented questions and doubts, including current issues, among others the application of SE to face crisis situations such as the pandemic we are living, babies and the use of touch.

This recording is for you if:

  • You want to know the new psychotherapeutic approach proposed by Dr. Peter Levine, and you want to discover the foundations and applications of this method.
  • You wish to complement the clinical, cognitive, and emotional work with a body-mind approach.
  • You already know SE or even you are a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) but you wish to get in touch with Peter and know his vision of the current situation in which we are living.
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“Trauma is perhaps the most overlooked, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering”

Peter A. Levine. Psychologist and Medical Biophysicist

With the recording you will also have access to the PDF presentation that Dr. Peter Levine uses during the Webinar.

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