Somatic Experiencing Spain

“Organization, promotion, management, direction and general management of events, workshops, courses, seminars, talks, training and educational projects in general, and in particular for the study, development or improvement of manual and/or body techniques, as well as for the prevention, resolution and approach to post-traumatic stress”

1.- Identification

Company​: Cruface, SL
Fiscal address​: Calle Santiago de Compostela, 28 4C | CP: 28034 Madrid
Contact​: info​​
Phone: +34 649 14 95 82
Registration details​: Madrid Commercial Registry dated 11/04/2018 Volume: 37356, Sheet: 155, Section: 8, Page: 666104, Entry: 1
Tax ID Number​: B88041462

2.- Terms and conditions

The service provided by CRUFACE is the Training (Somatic Experiencing) endorsed by THE FOUNDATION FOR HUMAN ENRICHMENT, D.B.A. SOMATIC EXPERIENCING® TRAUMA INSTITUTE (FHE) – PETER LEVIN.

Once completed and fulfilling the required conditions, the certification as a Somatic Experiencing® professional is obtained (Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner – SEP)

Additionally, Somatic Experiencing Introductory Workshops are offered, given over a weekend.

In addition, online seminars are offered which provide a first contact to get to know and experience Somatic Experiencing.

Workshops for Continouing Education are also offered.

I acknowledge that Somatic Experiencing (“SE”)® is a basic concept for the resolution of trauma. It is not a stand-alone psychotherapeutic or bodywork therapy nor does obtaining a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (“SEP”) Obtaining the Certificate as “Somatic Experiencing Practitioner” (SEP) does not qualify you to practice as a psychotherapist or body therapist.

VAT: It is a training subject to VAT (included in the cost).

IMPORTANT: Please do not book travel or accommodation until you have received a confirmation from the Organization that your place is confirmed.

3.- Refunds

Official Somatic Experiencing Training and Continuing Education Events:

  • In case of cancellation up to three months before the beginning of each level, understood as a single didactic block made up of several modules, 75% will be refundable. Before two months, 60% will be refundable. If it is the first year of training, the reimbursement does not include:
    • The €400 advance payment for the intermediate and advanced levels in both modalities.
    • Discounts for early payment in both types of training.
  • Within the two months prior to the beginning of each level (with its respective modules), reimbursement will not be possible except in justified causes of force majeure (operation, accident or serious illness) accredited with a medical certificate.
  • The recordings put up for sale, once paid and sent the keys that give access to it, may not be returned.

In all cases, €150 will be deducted for management expenses.

In all cases, the reservation of a place (€500) is non-refundable.

Introductory Workshops. Cancellation policy:

Only 100% of the amount will be refunded if the cancellation is made one month before the beginning of the workshop. After that, no refund will be possible.


Limited places

Minimum age: 18 years old.

The Organization does reserve the right to cancel the training, courses, workshops or seminars, as well as to change the dates and/or Teaching Team or Format, as and when necessary when circumstances require it for organizational or planning reasons, although the Organization will make every effort to run its course as it has been advertised in terms of dates and Teaching Team.

If the training should be cancelled, it will be notified as soon as possible and a full refund of the amount paid will be issued or the place may be kept for subsequent events of the same characteristics. However, the organization will not be responsible for any expenses that may have been incurred due to cancellations of transportation, hotels, etc.

4.- Delivery policies

Provision of services: Training will be carried out at the location planned in each case, making available to participants the official material and other resources necessary for the normal development of the classes. The in-person training is given over three years, with two modules each year and a duration of six days/module. In the online modality, the training is also given for three years, but its distribution is different. Thus, at the basic and intermediate levels, online training is divided into three modules of four days each. The advanced level, however, consists of two modules of six days each.

Introductory workshops are held over the weekend.

The online seminars have a duration of three hours.