Requirements for access to training

Before making the payment, you must take into account:

  • Attendance at the Somatic Experiencing® Introductory Workshop must be accredited (essential requirement to access the training, following the action guides of the European Association of Somatic Experiencing® – EASE. Click here).
  • The access to the training is subject to the approval of the request by the teaching team. It must be requested previously by sending the following documentation to

Cost and payment plan

The training is delivered over three years (basic, intermediate and advanced levels, each consisting of two modules).

  • Total cost of training: €6.600.
  • Cost per year or level: €2.200.

The payment is annual (for each year or level).

A.- Incorporation from the beginning of the promotion:

  • In the first year (basic level) € 2,600 is paid, which includes € 2,200 for the basic year and a advance of € 200 on account of the intermediate year and another of € 200 on account of the advanced year.
  • In the second (intermediate level) and the third year (advanced level) the payment will be € 2,000 each.

Early payment discounts

If the year / level is paid before the date established by prompt payment, you can benefit from a discount of € 200 / year.

Payment plan FIFTH COHORT (Face-to-face)

Year Payment Deadline with Discount Deadline
Basic 2.600€ Jan 1. 2021 2021 2.400€ Oct 1. 2020 +info
Intermediate 2.000€ Jan 1. 2021 2022 1.800€ Nov 1. 2021 +info
Advanced 2.000€ Jan 1. 2021 2023 1.800€ Nov 1. 2022 +info

Payment plan SIXTH COHORT (Face-to-face)

Year Payment Deadline with Discount Deadline
Basic 2.600€ Aug 1st, 2021 2.400€ Jun 15 2021 +info
Intermediate 2.000€ Aug 1st, 2022 1.800€ Jun 15 2022 +info
Advanced 2.000€ Aug 1st, 2023 1.800€ Jun 15 2023 +info

Payment plan SEVENTH COHORT (Face-to-face)

Year Payment Deadline with Discount Deadline
Basic 2.600€ Oct.15th 2022 2.400€ extended to August 10 +info
Intermediate 2.000€ Oct 1st, 2023 1.800€ Jul 1st 2023 +info
Advanced 2.000€ Oct 1st, 2024 1.800€ Jul 1st 2024 +info

Because places are limited, there is the possibility of making a reservation in the training depositing 500€ on account of the first payment.

You can pay your reservation here

B.- Incorporation (or reincorporation) once the promotion has started:

  • A € 1,100 module (Discount for early payment before the deadline: € 1,000.
  • One year / level (two modules) € 2,200. (Early payment discount before the deadline: € 2,000.

In all cases, the price includes exclusively the training provided. Does not include accommodation costs, travel, or Somatic Experiencing® personal sessions / supervision carried out during the training.

VAT: It is a training subject to VAT (included in the cost).

IMPORTANT: Please do not make travel or accommodation reservations until you have received confirmation by the organization.