What you get with the Official Training?

Our training is endorsed by SEI (Somatic Experiencing® International). Once the training requirements are met, students are certified as Somatic Experiencing® Practitioners (SEPs)®.

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a valuable tool designed to develop the skills of professionals who deal with trauma or stress in their patients, by leveraging their innate resources.

The presence, self-regulation, and balance that the nervous system acquires through SE, makes our own body wisdom appear naturally, thus healing body, mind, and soul.

Who is it for?

Psychologists and psychotherapists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, workers and social workers, physiotherapists and osteopaths, educators and, in general, for any health professional interested in training in this new paradigm on the approach to trauma.

Requirement to Access Training

Following EASE (European Association of Somatic Experiencing®), participation in an Introductory Workshop is a prerequisite to access the 3 year Training. ®

As preparation for the training, it is recommended to start receiving SE® sessions (a minimum of 3 sessions guided by an SE® professional).

It is mandatory to belong to a group with a deontological/ethical code.








(216h. of Credit)


15h Individual Therapy Sessions

18 credits of Supervision.


El Rompido (Huelva)

Training in El Rompido is a residential course that takes place at the Hotel Fuerte El Rompido (Cartaya, Huelva).

The residential regime facilitates an immersion process: the contact between teachers, assistants and students is closer, allowing knowledge to be shared and learning to be deepened.

Being located near the small town of El Rompido, it has nature, sea and marshes as a fundamental resource. This environment facilitates both the assimilation of knowledge and rest.

Ideal for people who prefer to get away from their usual environment.

The spaciousness of the space is ideal for practice (intense and fundamental) and learning.

Good communication and access, with transport from Faro airports (60 minutes) and Seville (90 minutes) and from Seville and Huelva train stations.

Cristo del Pardo (Madrid)

Although the training is not necessarily residential, it is possible to stay (stay and/or meals) in the space itself.

A few kilometers from Madrid and very well connected, Casa Cristo de El Pardo is located in a wooded area north of the municipality of Madrid.

El Pardo is considered one of the main “lungs” of the capital. Between holm oaks, poplars, cork oaks and more than 120 other plant species, the Manzanares River runs whose waters give life to fallow deer, deer, wild boar and hundreds of species sheltered in the shadow of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

The forest offers many paths and paths so that you can immerse yourself in nature. In this incomparable setting stands the Casa Cristo de El Pardo, a place full of history and close to monuments that constitute part of the architectural heritage of the Community of Madrid, the most relevant being the Royal Palace.

Upcoming dates


English/Spaish: It is taught in English with subsequent translation into Spanish.
Spanish: Taught only in Spanish.


9:30/10:00 – 18:30/19:00 (CE(S)T)

Fifth Cohort Place Date Instructor Language
Advanced Year Module 2 (II/III) Madrid Oct. 9 to 15, 2023 Lael K. Keen English/Spanish +info
Sixth Cohort Place Date Instructor Language
Intermediate Year Module 2 (II/III) El Rompido May. 2 to 8, 2023 Pedro Prado English/Spanish +info
Advanced Year Module 1 (I/II) El Rompido Sept. 11 to 17, 2023 Pedro Prado English/Spanish +info
Advanced Year Module 2 (II/III) El Rompido Apr. 25 to May. 1, 2024 Pedro Prado English/Spanish +info
Seventh Cohort Place Date Instructor Language
Intermediate Year Module 1 (I/II) Madrid Nov. 13 to 19, 2023 Irene Trajtenberg Spanish +info
Intermediate Year Module 2 (II/III) Madrid Mar. 16 to 22, 2024 Irene Trajtenberg Spanish +info
Advanced Year Module 1 (I/II) Madrid Nov. 1 to 7, 2024 Liana Netto Spanish +info
Advanced Year Module 2 (II/III) Madrid Feb.-Mar. 2025 Liana Netto Spanish +info

Eighth Cohort

The eighth promotion will be held online

Ninth Cohort Place Date Instructor Language
Beginner Year Module 1 (I/II) El Rompido Sep. 20 to 26, 2023 Liana Netto English/Spanish +info
Beginner Year Module 2 (II/III) El Rompido Apr. 15 to 21, 2024 Liana Netto English/Spanish +info
Intermediate Year Module 1 (I/II) El Rompido Sept./Oct. 2024 Lael K. Keen English/Spanish +info
Intermediate Year Module 2 (II/III) El Rompido Apr./May 2025 Lael K. Keen English/Spanish +info
Advanced Year Module 1 (I/II) El Rompido Sep./Oct. 2025 Lael K. Keen English/Spanish +info
Advanced Year Module 2 (II/III) El Rompido Apr./May. 2026 Lael K. Keen English/Spanish +info


Supervisions can be individual or in group and aim to help Somatic Experiencing® students and/or professionals review and ask about their own cases and patients.

Continuous training

These training actions aim to improve the qualifications, knowledge and skills of people who have been trained as Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP).