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In the clinical practice of SE, we are continually touching and being touched by our clients. Whether the touch takes the form of energetic resonance, words, or direct physical contact, this exchange, this dance, is always happening: we affect the clients and are affected ourselves by them. This mutual exchange, co-regulation, is essential to our work.

The client’s capacity to be present and either track sensations or self-monitor language is often absent or limited. For such clients, it is necessary for the SE practitioner to modulate the activity of the client’s Autonomic Nervous System through touch. Therefore, the SE practitioner should acquire and hone a variety of touch tools.

In this 3-day exploration we will: 

  • Revisit and refine the touch techniques that we studied previously
  • Share our clinical experience with the use of touch in SE
  • Practice Body Reading and deepen the understanding of the anatomical references involved in the SE touching.
  • Discriminate when touch is an appropriate tool to be used
  • Discuss and practice when and how to include touch in sessions.
  • Practice and gain more fluency and flexibility in different ways of touching.
  • Learn how to include touch in a more organic way in sessions.
  • Relate and monitor the touching activity with the Poli-Vagal Theory
  • Connect the use of touch with the enhancement of the Body Schema and the orientation process and expression of the person

Instructor: Pedro Prado.

Assistant: Paula Mattoli.

Timetable: October 1st & 2nd: 10 am to 6.30 pm; October 3rd: 9.30 am to 3 pm. (Total: 18 hrs.)

Number of participants: from 25 to 40

Requirements: having completed the 6 training modules

Language: English with Spanish translation


Before August 15th: 450€ Members of AESE (Spanish Association of SE®) 500€ Non members

After August 1th: 540€ Members of AESE  600€ Non members

Provides continuing education credits

With continuous education we intend to carry out learning activities and programs in a theoretical and practical way through specialized courses. These training actions aim to improve the qualifications, knowledge and skills of people who have been trained as Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP).

To preserve and guarantee the health and safety of all participants, SE Spain will take all necessary measures (use of masks, ventilation, distance between participants, etc.)

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