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It lasts two days and is theoretical-practical by combining the topics of the Program with exercises. The format will be face-to-face.

The content is the following:

  1. Definition of trauma, according to the SE approach.
  2. What is SE and what sets it apart from other therapies?
  3. The 3 fundamental principles of SE.
  4. Historical and cultural perspective of trauma.
  5. The Autonomic Nervous System.
  6. Resilience and self-regulation.
  7. Demonstrations and videos
  8. I work in groups and practical exercises.
  9. Methodology

Unlike cognitive and emotional therapies (“top-down” approaches), SE is a “bottom-up” approach that stimulates awareness of bodily sensations and movements to integrate them into thought and emotion.

Cognition and emotions are included in the practice of SE but are secondary or derived from physical sensations through that processing from the bottom up.

It is taught by Giselle Genillard, in English with Spanish translation.


Places are limited, and the date of payment will determine the order of registration.

The place

Padma Shala is a Traditional Yoga school where we offer you several different Yoga disciplines as well as Pilates classes, Laxmi Method for pregnancy and postpartum and Naturopathy sessions. What differentiates us from others is the exquisite treatment of these disciplines and of our users.

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