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What Will Achieve?

  • Examine the different categories and causes of traumatic shock and approaches to treating each case including:

    • Global High Intensity Trauma: electrocution, hallucinogens, drowning, suffocation, strangulation, fetal distress, traumatic birth, intrauterine stress, and invasive medical procedures in utero
    • Inescapable Attack: wild animals, rape, war, bombings, physical abuse, mugging, incest, molestation
    • Physical Injury: surgery, anesthesia, burns, poisoning, hospitalizations, stabbing, gunshot wounds
    • Failure of Physical Defense : falls, high impact accidents, head injury
    • Emotional Trauma: severe neglect and abandonment, severe loss, ongoing abuse
    • Natural Disasters: earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, floods, social dislocation from the natural world and community
    • Horror: seeing an accident (especially with blood, gore), watching someone else be abused, raped, killed or tortured, killing or hurting someone yourself
    • Torture and Ritual Abuse : war torture, repeated rape in war, concentration camp, and systematic abuse (sometimes with the person drugged)


It consists of 2 modules of 6 days each. The course will be taught in English with Spanish translation.

Each module consists of three days of work, a day of rest and three days of work.

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